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1.            Check-In & Check-Out

1.1          Check-In:  3 PM or any time after.  Check-in instructions will be included in the email reservation confirmation.

1.2          Check-Out:  12 Noon

1.3          More Information:  Please call 1-800-508-5277 if more check-in, check-out information is needed.

2.            Definitions

2.1          Direct Booking:  A reservation made directly with Southwind.

2.2          OTA:  A online travel agency or reservation service.

2.3          OTA Booking:  A reservation made through an OTA where the OTA performs reservation billing and payment services.   The OTA may also have a cancellation and refund policy that is different from Southwind policies, in which event the OTA policies will apply to the reservation.  These policies apply to an OTA Booking in all other respects. 

2.4          Southwind:  Southwind Bed & Breakfast Cabins.


3.            Reservations

3.1  Direct Booking:  A Direct Booking may be made online at or by calling 1-800-508-5277.  A valid credit card is required to hold and guarantee a reservation.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.  The person making the reservation is responsible for updating any payment information in the event the card used becomes invalid for any reason after the reservation is made.  Failure to update may result in loss of the reservation guarantee or cancellation of the reservation as a day-of-arrival cancellation.

3.2 OTA Booking:  Southwind accepts OTA Bookings subject to availability.

4.  Deposit

4.1 Direct Booking Deposit:  No deposit is required for a Direct Booking.  The balance due on a Direct Booking reservation will be charged to the card on file on the scheduled check-in date.  Any fees or charges incurred after the check-in date will be charged on the check-out date. 

4.2 OTA Booking Deposit:   OTA Bookings are subject to the policies of the OTA regarding deposits and deposit refunds.  


5.  Minimum Stay

5.1  Weekends:  A two-night minimum stay is required if a reservation includes a Friday or Saturday night.  The two-night weekend minimum can be satisfied by a Thursday-Friday, Friday-Saturday, or Saturday-Sunday reservation. 

5.2  OTA Bookings:  All OTA Bookings are subject to the minimum stay requirements for weekends and major holidays.

5.3  Major Holidays:  A two-night minimum stay is required if a reservation includes a major holiday.  Major holidays are New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

5.3  One-night Weekend/Major Holiday Reservations:  A one-night weekend or major holiday stay may be available from time to time for both Direct Bookings and OTA Bookings.  Please call 1-800-508-5277 to check on availability. 

 6.  Children & Pets

6.1  Children:  Children ages 0 to 12 are welcome at the cabins and stay at a reduced nightly rate.  Guests ages 13 and older are considered adults.

6.2  Pets:  Well-behaved pets (up to 3 per cabin) are welcome at the cabins.  A pet fee of $5 per pet per night applies.  Owners are responsible for any property damage caused by their pet(s) to any part of the Southwind property or property of others and for personal injury to any person or other animals. 

7.  Rates

7.1  Rates:  All rates are based on double occupancy.

7.2  Additional Guest Rates:  Additional adult guests (ages 13 and older) are accommodated at $10 per adult per night.  Children (ages 0 to 12) are accommodated at $5 per child per night. 

 8.  Breakfast

8.1  Breakfast Option:  A Direct Booking reservation may be made with or without breakfast by choosing either the With Breakfast or No Breakfast rate.   

8.2  Dietary Restrictions:  Special dietary restrictions for guests choosing the With Breakfast rate can be met with advance notice.  Notice may be given in the reservation form, by email, telephone, or personal contact.  Notice must be received by Southwind by 5 PM the day before breakfast is requested. 


9.  Cancellation

9.1  Direct Booking Cancellation:  A Direct Booking may be cancelled by calling 1-800-508-5277 and speaking to a Southwind representative or by emailing Southwind at  A cancellation notice is effective when it is received.  A cancellation confirmation will be sent by email to the email address noted in the reservation form. 

9.2  OTA Booking Cancellation:  Cancellation of an OTA Booking is made through the OTA and is subject to the OTA’s cancellation policies and procedures.

9.3  Cancellation Fee: 

9.3.1  Direct Booking:  A cancellation fee of $75 per cabin reserved may be charged if notice of cancellation is not received by Southwind at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled arrival date for a reservation of up to two (2) cabins or at least fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled arrival date if the reservation is for more than two (2) cabins.   The cancellation fee will be waived if the cabin or cabins are rebooked for at least one of the nights cancelled.

9.3.2  OTA Booking:  OTA cancellation fees and deposits, including prepaid rental charges, held by an OTA will be refunded by the OTA in accordance with the OTA’s cancellation and refund policy.

 10.  No-Shows, Day-of-Arrival Cancellations, & Shortened Stays

10.1  No-Show & Day of Arrival Cancellations:  In the event of a no-show or day of arrival cancellation, the balance due on a Direct Booking will be immediately due and payable on the scheduled day of arrival and will be charged to the credit card on file on that date.  OTA Bookings are subject to OTA policies concerning no-show and day-of-arrival cancellations.

10.2  Shortened Stays:  No refund of charges will be made on a Direct Booking shortened stay.  OTA Bookings are subject to the OTA’s shortened stay policy. 

 11.  Gift Certificates

11.1  Gift Certificates Accepted:  Gift certificates issued by Southwind are accepted.  Gift certificates issued by a third-party may be accepted, subject to Southwind’s prior approval. 

11.2   Use of a Gift Certificate:   An accepted gift certificate may be used by first calling Southwind with the gift certificate information and getting approval for its’ use for a reservation.  The reservation will be made in the normal manner of a Direct Booking, including credit information.

12.  Lost Key Fee

12.1   Fee:  A $20 lost or misplaced key fee may be charged if a cabin key is lost or misplaced and not returned or found within five (5) days following check-out.

 13.  Firewood

 13.1  Firewood Not Furnished:  Firewood is not furnished for a cabins’ indoor fireplace or outdoor fire ring. 

 13.2  Firewood Availability:  Firewood is available for purchase online in connection with a reservation, on-site at Southwind after arrival, or from several stores in Wimberley (during wood-burning season).  You may also bring your own wood. 

  14.  Smoking

 14.1  Outdoors Only:  Smoking is outdoors only. 

  15.  Hunting & Weapons

  15.1  Not Allowed:  Hunting and weapons are not allowed on the Southwind property. 

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